Data Science for Energy Transition


The program includes three activities for undergraduate and master’s level students: a five-week summer camp, team research project experience, and summer internship.

Past Programs

  • Week 1: Intro to ML and visualization, python, and R primer.
  • Week 2: More on ML and visualization, data science ethics, more python, and topics on computer engineering.
  • Week 3: Earth science, subsurface data, critical minerals, seismic data, data driven approaches for earth science, and data science to energy transition examples.
  • Week 4: Understanding policy analysis, economics and politics in the energy transition, causal inference, and understanding survey data.
  • Week 5: Fundamentals of statistics for data science, concept of dependence in spatial data, intro to Kriging.
  • Two day seminar series of industry partners (last two days of week 5):
      Dr. He Zhang, Jeremy Xia & Cheng Zhang
      Dr. He Zhang, Jeremy Xia & Cheng Zhang
    • Dr. He Zhang (Sr. Vice President, Ryder Scott Co. LP), Jeremy Xia (Sr. Petroleum Engineer, Ryder Scott Co. LP), Cheng Zhang (Vice President, OGRE Systems)
    • Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy (Managing Director/Technology Fellow/Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton)
    • Eric Kohlenberg (Manager of ETRM Applications, Cheniere Energy, Inc.)
    • Diego Molinari (Sr. Reservoir Engineer, RockCliff Energy)
    • Dr. Pandu Devarakota (Principal Science Expert, Shell)

Cohort 1 (Summer 2022) Photos

Summer Camp

After participating in the summer camp, students will be encouraged to take more advanced courses in the fall semester.

Research Project (academic year following summer camp)

Summer Internship (second summer of the program)